TEK 28

Complete system for metal roofings and claddings

Tek 28 is the ideal solution for protecting facades and roofing from the weather and insulating industrial and civil buildings against noise, heat and cold. Tek28 increases the performance of the Alubel 28 corrugated profile, implementing insulation performance with the installation of just one packet. Building coverings made with Tek28 are continuous, reliable and safe, walkable and durable; they are perfectly integrable with the Alubel 28 profile.

Application fields

Industrial roofings
Tek 28 industrial roofings
Agricultural buildings
Tek 28 agricultural buildings
Wall claddings
Tek 28 wall claddings
Civil roofings
Tek 28 civil roofings

Some references

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Why Tek 28?

The idea comes from the necessity to go beyond the limits that, in some situations, the normal sheets can have; hence the need to create a more resistant product, workable and equipped with a wide range of accessories.

noise reduction
Noise reduction
riduzione condensa
Condensation reduction
temperature reduction
Temperature reduction
high load bearing resistance
High load bearing resistance
Tek 28 roofing detail
special lateral overlapping
Special lateral overlapping
high workability
High workability
full range of accessories
Full range of accessories
high ventilation efficiency
High ventilation efficiency

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