Tek 28 revolutionary aspect is the aim of enhancing any similar constructive system presented on the market until today thanks to some highly innovative characteristics.

Special lateral overlapping

The overlapping of a corrugation and a half is probably the most important characteristic, giving a better guarantee for watertightness even with low slopes.

Special lateral overlapping

High workability

Also with the polyurethane insulation, Tek28 is always a high workable roofing system.

tek 28 sheets high workability

High load bearing resistance

Laboratory tests have determined 20% higher flexural strength compared with a normal sheet.

Tek 28 high load bearing resistance

Condensation reduction

The presence of an insulation layer enables a considerable reduction of the condensation effect.

Condensation reduction metal roofing Tek 28

Noise reduction

Thanks to polyurethane application it was possible to reduce noise effect inside a building.

noise reduction metal roofing tek 28

Temperature reduction

As insulating material, polyurethane contributes to thermal comfort inside a building.

temperature reduction metal roofing Tek 28

High ventilation efficiency

In the realisation of a ventilated roof, with its insulating core Tek 28 contributes to a better effectiveness of the ventilation.

high ventilation efficiency Tek 28

Full range of accessories

A real system of accessories has been created specifically and it completes and simplifies the realisation of the work.

Tek 28 full range of accessories

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